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Meet Our Team


Todd Queck​ started Queck Capital Management in 2004. Focusing on single family rental homes, the company grew under the skillful guidance of his trusted Operations Manager, the late Ron Hiris. Todd now runs ACC Holding Corporation and oversees the financing and development of various projects for Queck Capital Management throughout Iowa.


Director of Operations

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After being raised in Northern Illinois and spending the last 15 years in Texas, Jessica Queck joined the team in 2024 as the Director of Operations for both Queck Capital Management and ACC Holding Corporation. With a background rooted in finance, sales, education, and process management, Jessica's diverse experience equips her with a unique perspective on optimizing organizational efficiencies and maximizing performance. As Director of Operations, Jessica oversees a wide array of critical functions, ensuring seamless coordination and alignment of efforts across departments. Outside of her professional endeavors, Jessica is passionate about her family, her pets, health, and fitness.

Field Representative/
Property Manager


Field Representative


Travis was born in Dubuque and went to college at the University of Iowa.  Travis moved to Des Moines and joined the Queck Capital team in August, 2021.  In his current role, Travis manages Queck Capital's rental properties and assists on the building and renovation as needed.  He also works with property evaluation and acquisition for our sister company, ACC Holding Corporation. 



Caden was raised in Texas. He is an avid baseball player and played at the collegiate level. After learning about the business through his uncle, Todd, Caden decided to move to Iowa and work for our company. Caden helps with construction, general labor and maintenance, and assists with property management. He also helps with property evaluation and sales for ACC Holding Corporation. 


Construction/Renovation Lead

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Casey has been with Queck Capital since 2020. He has decades of experience in construction, renovation, and framing that he has brought to the company. Casey leads all of our renovation projects and works hard to make sure we have beautiful, livable houses for our tenants. 


Terry has been with Queck Capital since 2022. Before this, he had been working in concrete for 20+ years. Terry works with Casey to make sure all of our projects and renovations get completed up to our standard and in a timely manner. 


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